M. Àngels Fortea Castillo

ForteaPhD in Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Barcelona University and Degree on Advertising and Public Relations in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She is aggregate professor of the Design Degree in BAU, Design College of Barcelona, and also in its Master’s Degree on Infography and Data Visualization. She is also the coordinator of the Technical Office of Research and Knlowledge Transmission (OTRI) at BAU.

In the research field, she works for the GREDITS area of Memoria histórica y construcción cultural del arte y el diseño (Historical Memory and Cultural Construction of Art and Design). She has specialized on Historical and Historiographical Research of Design. She is a member of the Patronato de la Fundación Historia del Diseño (FHD)(Council of Historical Foundation of Desing). She has been a member of GRACMON, Grupo de Investigación en Historia del Arte y del Diseño Contemporáneos de la UB (Research Group on Contemporary History of Art and Design in the University of Barcelona), in which she has collaborated in R+D+I projects.

Her research work is focused on Pop Art Design, and specifically on the development of graphical Pop Art in Catalonia and Spain as a result of her PhD project defended on 2015 and entitled “El Pop a la manera del diseño gráfico catalán. El descubrimiento Pop del pasado: diseñadores – coleccionistas” (Pop Art in Catalan Graphic Design. The discoveing of Pop Art in the past: designers and collectors). She has published several articles and book chapters, and she has participated in several national and international congresses.