GREDITS is composed of a multi-disciplinary group of teachers from the Bachelor’s Degree in Design at Bau, Design College of Barcelona and aims to create a space for collective research in which the influence of social changes on the form, concept and function of design, and the ways in which contemporary designers can contribute actively and creatively to social transformation are analysed.


PhD Marzo Pérez, Jorge Luis


PhD Fortea Castillo, M. Àngels

PhD Genís Vinyals, Mariona

PhD Gil Bell, Rebecca

PhD González Díaz, Paloma

PhD Martínez Morant, Mara

PhD Moscoso, María Fernanda

PhD Rispoli, Ramon

PhD Rosés Castellsaguer, Silvia

Collaborating Researchers

Guidi, Matteo

Maroto, Joan (PhD student)

PhD Pagès, Maria

PhD Ventosa i Muñoz, Sílvia

Technical Collaborators

Deumal, Glòria

Pujagut, Jaume