Other kinds of dissemination

Dr. Teresa Martínez Figuerola has donated to the Design Museum of Barcelona (DHUB) part of the graphic work carried out by Alexandre Cirici Pellicer during the 1950s (January 2014).
The purpose of this donation is to create a collection of this author’s most representative work, the result of the study of the researcher for her doctoral thesis Gráfica publicitaria: la trayectoria profesional de Alexandre Cirici Pellicer (1914-1983). Una biografía gráfica. (‘Advertising graphics: the career of Alexandre Cirici Pellicer (1914-1983). A graphic biography’). The collection forms part of the heritage of the city of Barcelona and can be visited at the permanent exhibition of the Design Museum of Barcelona, where it forms an integral part of the section on Spain’s graphic design pioneers.


Academic regulations: standards and methodology for research (TFG)
Dr. Teresa Martinez, GREDITS co-ordinator, designed the standards and methodology for the research in graduate studies during the 2010-11 academic year. The standards were incorporated the following academic year as seminars, led by herself, for students who were finishing the Bachelor’s Degree.