Inmaterial. Diseño, Arte y Sociedad

Inmaterial is a scientific journal aimed at researchers, professionals and teachers who deal with art and design in their different theoretical and practical aspects. The purpose of this journal, nevertheless, is to overcome the traditional disciplinary boundaries, so as to make its reflections available for as broad a public as possible.

Challenging the traditional interpretation of design as a mere technical problem-solving activity, we call for a vision of designers as both intellectual and material operators, conscious of the wide range of cultural, social, artistic, economic and political implications of their actions, and therefore capable of asking themselves adequate questions before putting forward possible answers.

In a moment in which the very notion of art and design, their principles and specific objectives are subject to an evident reformulation, this journal also seeks to include the innovations, in epistemological, methodological, terminological terms and the like, that might concern the disciplines.

Starting from this theoretical framework, Inmaterial wants to set up a space, rigorous but also agile and dynamic, for reflection and debate on issues related to art and design and their capacity of social transformation.

Publisher: BAU Centre Universitari de Disseny
Editorial Board: Mara Martínez Morant i Ernesto Ramón Ríspoli


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