Interface Politics 2016

The Interface Politics Conference is about reflecting on the role and influence of interfaces within the universe of tools from the contemporary production system. How are the imaginaries related to creativity, politics, labour, economics and culture configured and created in the context of a universalised system of interfaces that is based on the promise of being natural, transparent, simple and accessible? What answers and actions can be articulated from design practices that aim to question the utopias arising from a form of communication that is increasingly subject to a culture of control? How can alliances be established between design, the field of critical thinking and action, and industrial and institutional narratives linked to technological theologies?

This initiative is being presented as a meeting forum for gathering, discussing and disseminating multiple approaches, experiences and practices from the fields of design, political philosophy, arts, activism and communication studies from academic and non-academic perspectives.

More information:

This conference is a collaborative initiative from three institutions: GREDITS (Design and Social Transformation Research Group) from Bau, Design College of Barcelona, and IMAGIT/BCN (European consortium for multidisciplinary research), of which HANGAR (Production and Research Centre for Visual Arts in Barcelona) is a member, and the MEDIACCIONS/DIGITAL CULTURE Research Group from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

The conference is also supported by the research groups GRE KONEKTO (UVic / Central University of Catalonia) and Research Group of Culture and Audiovisual, (School of Comunication and International Relations Blanquerna from Ramon Llull University).


Jorge Luis Marzo. GREDITS / Bau, Design College of Barcelona


Pau Alsina. MEDIACCIONS. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Tere Badia. HANGAR Visual Arts Production and Research Centre

General coordination

Vanina Hofman
Teresa Martinez Figuerola (GREDITS / BAU, Design College of Barcelona)