Interface Politics II (Proceedings Book 2018)


This is the Proceedings Book of the 2nd Interface Politics International Conference (After Post-Truth) organised at BAU College of Design in Barcelona which includes most of papers and keynotes held during the conference that took place in  BAUHANGAR and MACBA on 29, 29 and 30 of November 2018. The conference was organized by GREDITS (Research Group in Design and Social Transformation) with the contribution of HANGAR, MACBA and Artnodes Journal which published a special issue on the Conference.

Interface Politics is an International Conference originally created by GREDITS / BAU in 2016 with the aim of analyzing and discussing the role of interfaces as a communicational and linguistic mechanism, and as a device with political, commercial and labor agency. An interface can be defined as a communication system that serves to translate physical realities into technical languages and viceversa, or to make compatible different technical languages.

The second Conference was devoted to explore the relationships between interfaces and the Post-Truth regime.

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