1st Interface Politics Conference

The subject of the first Interface Politics Conference (April 2016) was to reflect on the role and impact of interfaces in the universe of productive system tools, and how they shape and produce the creative, political, labor, economic and cultural imaginaries in the framework of a communication system defined as universal, naturalized, transparent, simple and accessible. The goal was to explore answers and actions from creative practices that want to question that sort of doxa.

The Conference brought together, discussed and disseminated various approaches, experiences and practices from the fields of design, political philosophy, art, activism or communication studies, both from an academic and non-academic perspectives.

There is digital edition of the Academic Records:

Recorded communications and panels:


Interface Politics I was an initiative of:

  • GREDITS (Research Group in Design and Social Transformation) at BAU, Design College of Barcelona
  • HANGAR (Center for Visual Arts Production and Research in Barcelona)
  • IMAGIT (European Multidisciplinary Research Consortium)
  • MEDIACCIONES, de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

In collaboration with:

  • GRE KONEKTO (UVic / Universitat Central de Catalunya)
  • Grup de Recerca Culture and Audiovisuals (Blanquerna Faculty of Communication at the Ramon Llull University)
  • Arts Santa Mònica (Generalitat de Catalunya)