Guidelines for final papers

  1. Deadline

    Originals should be sent to before October 20th. The texts will go through a blind review process, so two copies should be sent, one signed and one not.

  2. Authorship
    Full name of the author, a brief academic CV, institution in which s/he works and academic, professional or other affiliation, and an electronic address.
  3. Length
    The length of papers must be between 2000 and 3000 words.
  4. Basic information
    All texts must include:

    • Title
      An English title must be provided also for papers in Catalan and/or Spanish)
    • Author/s
    • Institution
      If the research has been carried out in the academic field, it is necessary to include the name of the institution/s or centers where the research was carried out, the exact address and the corresponding postal code. When the article is the work of authors from different institutions, the list of their names will be given with the respective institutions, so that the reader can easily establish the corresponding links
    • Abstract
      An English abstract must be provided also for papers in Catalan and/or Spanish. The recommended length is 250 words (significantly longer abstracts will be refused and the paper will not be accepted for publication).
    • Keywords
      Five keywords must be included, both in English and in the original language of the paper (if different from English).
    • Bibliographic references
      They must be submitted under the norms of the Harvard bibliographic citation system, available at:
  5. Format
    The texts must be sent in editable text format, without conversion to PDF, in DIN A4 size and with pages numbered consecutively in the lower right margin. A pdf version can be added for reference.
  6. Style
    The Arial font should be used, in 12 points size, line spacing at 1.5, justified on both sides and without indentation.
  7. Figures
    Illustrations, photographs, figures, or diagrams should preferably be provided in .jpg or .tiff format at a minimum resolution of 300 ppi (pixels / inch) or the maximum resolution and size possible; tables and graphics should be attached in .xls or .ods format. Those extra files will be provided in a separate folder or folders, according to their nature (i.e. one folder for images, another one for tables, etc.). In addition, each file must be numbered consecutively (for example: figure 1, figure 2, figure 3 …, image 1, image 2, image 3 …, table 1, table 2, table 3 … etc .).
    Also, an exact reference of each file must be included within the text in the corresponding position (so that the designer has a specific reference and can locate them correctly when building the publication). Each figure must go with a caption and credits or source.
  8. Figures not owned by the author
    For images or other resources that are not authored by the person/s presenting the work, the corresponding credit must be given and the source of its origin must be cited. Therefore, the author must clearly mention the source of all graphic documentation, whatever its type. The organization declines any responsibility that may arise from the infringement of intellectual or commercial property rights.

For further assistance, please contact